Independent Inspection

Independent inspection

Independent inspection

We perform independent inspections of wetrooms and airtightness in all building classes. The inspection shall ensure that quality assurance of the building works has been carried out, that the planning of the works fulfils the requirements of technical building regulations, and that the building works have been completed in accordance with drawings and work descriptions. The purpose of the rules is to help to ensure that all building works are executed with the correct quality and to reduce construction errors.

‘Independent inspection’ is now simply referred to as ‘inspection’. The former control functions are now ascribed to the executing parties. The inspection is mandatory for all buildings and homes, as well as holiday homes when the property has more than one housing unit. The scope of the independent inspection depends upon which building class the works belong to. The Directorate for Building Quality has established provisions for when an independent inspection is required, as well as the scope of such inspections. However, it is the local authorities that order and may order inspections beyond those recommended by the Directorate.

With experience from apartment buildings with up to 150 wetrooms and leak testing in large commercial properties, we have specialist expertise within this field. Contact us for a review of your project and a quote.

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