Property appraisals

We are DNV approved and a member of NITO Takst. We are happy to help you with valuations (appraisals) and property sale reports.

Vi er DNV godkjente og tilknyttet NITO Takst. Vi hjelper deg med verditaksering (takst) og boligsalgsrapport.

Property sale report

For customers who require a technical appraisal of a property. The property sale report has been specifically developed for use in the purchase/sale of real estate. It contains over 1,000 checkpoints in order to ensure the best possible technical review of the property.

The property sale report has been developed at the request of the Norwegian Consumer Council and the Norwegian Association of Real Estate Agents, and is based on the NS 3600 standard.


We prepare valuation reports for all types of properties. Valuation reports state a technical value for the property. Valuation reports may be used in connection with the financing, sale and administration of properties.

For customers who desire an appraisal of the property’s market value and marketability, a simplified valuation is intended to provide documentation for banks and financial institutions for all types of properties.

Construction loan follow-up / Construction inspection

Construction loan follow-up assesses the progress of the contractual construction works in relation to the payment plan towards the developer. A construction inspection undertaken by a professional and independent third party ensures that critical areas will be quality-assured during the execution phase.

Example: Property sale report
Example: Valuation (WIP)

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