Prices for private customers

Prices for private customers

Leak testing

From NOK 6,900 for single assignments.

Independent inspection

From NOK 5,000. We offer a package price for the normal inspection of a single housing unit with up to three wetrooms, and airtightness inspection, for NOK 15,000.
Contact us for a quote for your project.


For properties and assignments beyond the examples listed below, please contact us for a quote.

ValuationNOK 4 400
ApartmentNOK 5 700
Holiday homeNOK 5 700
Detached house / owned propertyNOK 6 900
Property sale report:
Property sale / condition report for apartmentNOK 10 000
Paroperty sale / condition report for detached house / owned propertyNOK 12 000
Plot appraisalNOK 4 400
Other assignments:
Follow-up of construction loans, judgement, damage, etc. invoiced per hour, or contact us for a project priceNOK 1 200

* The listed prices presume that the requisitioner procures the necessary documentation. Form fees, transportation costs and administrative expenses may be charged in addition. All prices are shown including VAT.

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